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days. katie wheel tried to swerve to avoid rock. >> they're substantial. i just nipped one. i got a flat tire. my tires are strong but there is one that was so -- substantial. >> there is movement up there that hopefully, caltrans and recreation area will be taking a look to make sure that we're not going to be in subject to more of this. >> we wanted to check on plans for securing the slope but neither caltrans nor the supervisor returned our calls. in sausalito abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> marine corps saying very little about one of its own. >> this gunman took his own life. last night, that is where the marine corps operates its officer candidate school. both were staff members at that school south of
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washington, d.c.. >> our base are currently providing support along with marines of officer to ensure that we're taking care of the well being of the marines and families aboard who have been affect bid this loss and tragedy. >> this marks the second tragedy on u.s. soil insolving marines this week. monday night, seven marines died when a mortar shell exploded. >> a south bay parole wanted on arrest warrants is on the loose after evading a large manhunt yesterday. police say he ran from police yesterday, jumping over fences in san jose. sky 7 was over the scene and police say poseas tossed a loaded handgun after police stopped him. they looked for him for several hours and shut down several streets before calling off that search.
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>> a 39-year-old woman was struck and kill bid a hit and run driver this morning. investigators say she was walking along southbound 280 near mclaughlin area sometime between 3:15 this morning. a number of drivers stopped to try to help. there is no description of the car or driver responsible. >> do you remember this home that was piled high with junk? all over the front yard? last month a judge gave orders of 30 days to clean it up there is a noticeable difference in what the house looks like in january compared to how it looks now. the debris and tents have been hauled away but there is a tent in the front yard. looks like landscaping is far off. owners say they have not heard from inspectors if the judge determines clean up did not go far enough, contractors will be sent over to finish the work. >> some progress, though.
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next week u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on same-sex marriage and part of the debate will involve what is best for children. >> the archbishop says marriage has been about children. and therefore it must be between a man and woman. >> only a woman can produce new life. >> because of that, he believes same-sex marriages will not be as good for children. >> if you report this debate on same-sex marriage going way back studies about problems. >> this week, the american academy of pediatrics the nation's leading group of pediatricians disagreed with the contention. the doctors said factors like health and economic security were far more important than sexual orientation. we heard the same today from executive director of the san
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francisco lgbt community center. >> they face chal qlempks in schools and from the world in terms of having two same-sex parents the children are turning out just and equally successful in school coming up at 6:00 what may happen should the high court rule in favor of same-sex marriage and how, he says it will limit the freedom of the church. >> in washington, d.c. a line started to form at the supreme court. people want to see inside next week's event. people started to camp out yesterday, lines too do form in advance for free tickets to hear the arguments by five days before a case that is early. abc 7 news carolyn tyler will be in court when the highest court considers whether prop 8
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wrongly denies gays and lesbians the right to marry. >> a cruise ship arcadia owned by carnival arrived near san francisco today. >> now, the group is all smiles in spite of the troubles you've heard of. and talked to some of the passenger autos this morning buses started to rom out taking passengers on guided tours. but there were those who chose to go it on foot. >> we're going to have this tram. this evening we're going to the rock of the tram. >> this group loves to cruise z they're not alone. san francisco will welcome 66 cruise ships this year. >> the ships are getting bigger so 66 brings over 200 thousand passengers to san francisco. >> carnival cancelled 12 cruises after a month of mishaps including an engine fire but none of the
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cancellations affect san francisco, good news since each ship equals 500,000ses today 1dzs million in benefits for the area. >> we have a large ship yard down at pier 70 cruise ships go into for maintenance. it's a large generator of union jobs. >> plenty of tourism, too. the al you're of san francisco was enough to get robert booth on board. and he never had any problem on a cruise ship. >> and everything is on board for you. nothing to worry b or anything like that. everything is superb. >> arcadia leaves torjs 66 cruise ships for the year is not a record for san francisco, the port authority tells me since the number of passengers
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keeps growing we should hit a record just by next year. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> spencer christian is off and picked a good day. >> gorgeous out there. sandhya pat jell here with an accuweather update. >> yes. it's spectacular out side. right now, skies are clear. and we're going to be enjoying another beautiful day into to. wind advisory remains in affect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. so there will be gusty winds, check out current wind speeds. fairfield concord, livermore, 22 miles per hour wind gusts. sheer look at what you can expect. tomorrow morning it's a cool start inland it's a sunny breezy afternoon mid-50s low 70s, i'll let you know what change is coming up in just a
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few minutes. >> thank you. >> still ahead angry birds in space. what nasa is doing to bring the game to life. next. >> mission impossible no way. a 9-year-old girl has serious bragging rights. then, at 4:30... >> these store fronts sparked a movement between city leaders and start ups. in san jose i'll tell what you they're doing to fill the store fronts permly. and how you can a part of it tonight. >> also, michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live. you can contact michael at finney abc 1k37 on twitter. >> and we're continuing to follow breaking news. sky 7 is live over the scene. police are going yard to yard
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trying to find a man who fatally stabbed a woman. we'll have a live report from him coming up at 4:30.
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five police departments are in the mid yefl a tweetathon. mallo alto and los gatos police departments are participating in this first ever world wide event.
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160 actions are taking part tweeting about service calls to increase aawareness about police work and issues faced. agencies are all using same hash tag poltwtf you're on twitter follow us for news any time at abc 7 news bay area. >> wildly popular angry birds franchise is embarking on a new mission for nasa. a visitor center featuring the characters opened in florida today. the new attraction is targeted at the center's younger visitors and hopes to use the characters to entice many to pursue careers in math and science. >> the chair of the ftc announces he's leaving his post. >> emily chang joins us now with this afternoon's after the bell report. emily? >> good afternoon, carolyn carey. communications commission chairman says he will resign incoming week nose word on who his successor might be and
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announced news today focusing on broad band working to improve lives of americans his departure will leave two vacancies on the commission. sap's co-ceo got a 41% increase in compensation last year the package totalled $11 million. and about half is scheduled to pay hout in 2016. shares rose 50% last year. marin software shares soared in early trading and ended up around 16% stocks rising today
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on better than expected earnings. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher on shares of apple and mooul mooul and samsung reportedly in talks to sell a dutch sib sid yairy to amazon. the subsidiary makes e reader display technology. the market has been shrinking as more people turn to tablets. have a wonderful weekend. >> the devil's slide tunnels are finally opening and businesses are celebrating in a big way. there is a are businesses expecting a boom because of the access to the coast. it has not forgetten it's did
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he havit's slide past. the sign of the devil, 666 which is in no way connected with... >> larry beil sth. >> sandhya patel. >> let's take weather. >> it's beautiful. we're going to keep it coming up. >> wonderful. >> no. no. >> in way contacted to is what i wanted to say. >> all right. right now, what this looks like, skies are clear, doesn't look like we're going to be getting rain. looking towards downtown and all we have is blue skies. temperatures 59 in san francisco. check out the view towards ocean beach here.
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hazy, but it's breezy in parts of the bay area. livermore is 68 so mild. sheer look at what is coming up. clear, cool overnight. sunny mild for weekend. rain chances pushed back. high pressure is over the pacific right now. we're seeing winds blowing from the high to the low. dry pattern will continue into next week. this ridge is not going anywhere soon so it will keep us into this dry pattern. looking here you'll notice clear overnight tonight. there are high clouds passing through so we'll call it a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies for your saturday. temperatures first thing in the morning on the cool side fchl do you have early morning plans for the weekend make sure you're bundling up.
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other areas into the 40s, 39 morgue bean hill, tomorrow afternoon, south bay communities 70s in san jose. cupper tino. santa cruz on the peninsula you'll see sunshine at times 67 in palo alto. 66 menlo park. upper 50s along the coast f you don't want it mild head to the coast. it will be cool. 57 in daily city and north bay you're going to see temperatures getting close to 70 degrees in areas like santa rosa. clear lake. 67 in san rafael. east bay, oakland, fremont 68. inland areas up to 70s in concord. and livermore. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. temperatures coming up into mid-70s range, slight dip monday, tuesday. wednesday... doesn't look promising. slight possibility of showers and a chance of rain thursday into friday. we keep pushing it back so...
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owe prospects for rain are not looking promising now. >> up next, the google contest for children across the nation to show off their artistic side. >> pope francis surprises yet another person with his behaviors.
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>> tell kids to go doodle. >> yes. it's time for the doodle google contest. submigs being accepted and students from kindergarten to 12th grade encouraged to create a design. you're looking at winners from past two years. this year's ep theme my best day ever. >> yes. play less, doodle more. talking about creatist. a 9-year-old girl it to prove her brothers wrong. >> she's a fund raising machine. the third grader wants to create a role-playing game and wanted to pay for it herself. her brother said she could not do it. she's raising money through the web site kick starter to
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pay for tech camp to learn how to make a game. the camp costs $829. she's raised $17,000 in just two days. you saw the brothers there. defeated. no word on what she's going to do the extra money. it's a fantastic story. >> gi joe gets an advanced screening. >> here is tony cabrerra with today's hollywood report. >> nearly 47 years after batman invaded tv warner brothers is still celebrating the classics. a comic bookstore trance formed last night for the launch of a new line prof ducts inspired bit show. also on hand was batman himself, adam west who did dancing on the show. would he bring moves to dancing with the stars? >> well, i thought i might do that and then, i thought why destroy illusion of the dance craze that swept the nation?
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more than a week ahead of the premier, and opens nationwide march 29th. opening this weekend are the crews and the tina fey comedy "admission". lilly tomlin says she wasn't sure if fey always hadner mind for the role. >> i don't want to find out the truth. i don't want to go -- she wasn't my first choice. >> you can also check out lilly in the season finale tonight on abc. >> still ahead faa will close more than 100 control towers because of cuts so which airports are on the sflis. >> following breaking news right now. police on the scene of a fatal stabbing we'll have the latest
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on the investigation in a live report up next. >> georgia police get a break in the shooting death of a baby in a stroller, what the mother says happened just before shots were fired. >> oakland's police department gets new recruits why today's graduation was particularly special for some.
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it's happening the south bay. we first brought you this story alt beginning of the newscast. police are conducting a yard to yard search for a man who stabbed a woman to death this afternoon. >> we're at the command post. if you look over the cars that are coming through the intersection that is the kmantd vehicle patrol officers have the area sealed off looking for the suspect. if we go to live sky 7 we can see this area is about four blocks wide east to west. roughly between first tleet street and fourth street heading to the north. they believe the suspect is still within this area. that is why there is a
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backyard search. he may be armed with something else. that is why they're springing in special officers p that kind of thick. video from the ground earlier from sky 7 they had brought in police dogs in addition to police officers on the ground. they're trying to could a thorough search thinking the man is in this area. they're going to do a thorough search as long as there is daylight savings time. they say they believe the man is philippino. that is the only description they v let's go to ground video. while looking at that, let me tell you what happened.
4:29 pm
shortly after 2:30 a man walked up to a woman at that point there is a brief conversation but they don't know whether or not the man and woman knew each other, however, then the woman was stabbed. she was taken by ambulance to the hospital but died about haifl hour later. so that is what we know at this point. we'll keep you updated live in san jose. >> thank you. >> oakland battling a crime wave and needs more police officers they have new one autos today, 38 recruits were sworn in and given stars. >> detail autos about more than wearing a fun form and wearing a star this, was oakland police department first graduation since 2008.
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police chief inspected each of the crews before painting stars on the uniform. the theme of the day was honor. today he watched his son join men and women in blue. >> he has to serve in the city my father was born and raised nchl i was skborn raised tlchl i got to serve there. he gets to do that, too. >> current staffing has a count at 611. addition will raise the number well shy of the admitted goal of a thousand. but this reflects the diversity. >> we're proud of what our folks did to recruit ask hire. >> just want to be the best division to help those that
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need it. oakland is a place glad they'd have me so i can dot best i can. >> his son says the city finds young black men making different choices. >> that is not at all a small thing when a black man puts on a badge and a gun. it's an honor. >> the chief joked this class are his babies this is the first class under his command with two more slated for later this year. coming up i had an interview with the chief. we talked about need for die verse ti in the department.
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and how it will help. >> police captured two teenagers believed to be responsible for shooting a 13-month-old boy to death while he was in his stroller. sheri west says one teen demanded money she said she had no cash and the other boy fired at her and her 13-month-old son. >> what they did to my baby... was terrible. was just -- what that boy did to my baby. i thought the gun was fake. you know? i didn't think that the gun was real. >> one of the teens is 14. the other is 17. police have not said which one of them is suspected of pulling the trigger. the 17-year-old will be considered an adult under georgia law. >> states will receive $20 million from washington, d.c. to bolster background checks on gun buyers.
4:33 pm
the money intended to keep potentially dangerous people from getting guns. extra money will improve from the data base. it could include mental health as well as arrest records santa clara county planning a second gun buy back program tomorrow. 1100 firearms were collected. >> 149 control towers around country will be shut down because of spending cuts. 11 of the towers slated foreclosure under california. number none, though nrkt bay area. towers at sacramento airport will go dark along with others beginning april 7th. pilots say closures will jeopardize safety in the air.
4:34 pm
authorities are looking into exactly how this could have happened. abc news with more now. >> this plan, grounded. the man accused of disguysing himself as a pilot and making his way into the cock pits of a plane is facing a long list of charges including trespassing and false impersonation. >> i think that is crazy. i'm just glad they caught the guy. you know? before anything bad happened. >> investigators say the 61-year-old was a ticketed passenger on wednesday night's flight. he reportedly noted he hated americans and police say he headed straight into the cockpit. police say he showed what looked like an air france crew
4:35 pm
member id card explaining he flew 747s for the airline. it wasn't until he took a seat in the cockpit and the real pilot came in that credentials were questioned and police were called. >> we don't know what designs were. i mine, he can be anything from wanting to take a look to another criminal. >> police say the flight was never in danger with this accused imposter but for some sm that offered little reassurance. >> we have high security checks and takes forever. it makes me nervous. >> he is now being held on $1 million bond. >> coming up next pope francis shows he's just like everybody else. how his behavior surprised another man.
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>> why one prosecutor wants to give the world's most-famous groundhog the death penalty. >> today i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me on over twitter at m finney. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll let you know if shine will hang around heading into the weekend coming up. >> another live check of traffic this, is a look at the bay bridge. if you have fast track you're skipping along towards san francisco. in the cash lanes you're backing up. stay with us. more still to come
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roorks you've probably experienced dealing with an endless to do business. >> yes. >> people, yes. >> the pope is tying up loose ends since relocating. he's hands on. he personally called the owner of a newspaper kiosk to cancel his newspaper subscription. >> the owner's son thought it was a prank. but the pope said seriously. i'm calling from rome. >> this is, i think second or third story we've had. >> yes.
4:40 pm
yes. just gets it done. >> i know. >> and he's the pope. >> yes. >> here is one you can't take seriously this, next story. >> yes. a prosecutor says he's sick and tired of winter. he's making a groundhog to court. >> yes. prosecutor michael moser indicted punxsutawney phil for lying. that spring would come early this year. >> seems harsh. >> yes. >> he blames the incorrect prediction made life miserable for citizens. >> it's not -- it's a snow storm, temperatures in teens when i came to work in wind ask cold i said there is something wrong with phil. >> sheriff wants officials in pennsylvania to cooperate and
4:41 pm
exindict phil to ohio for trial. one handler says he's innocent. >> of course this, is all ingest. moser says he wanted to make light of the cold. storm could bring four to eight inches of more snow. >> you can see how tiring the snow would be. we've got the opposite situation. >> what is the penalty? >> no penalty. it's not an exact science, larry. clear skies. and sheer look at the national picture. snow showers in denver tomorrow, 24 degrees. a far cry from what we're enjoying here, snow continues across central plains. a chance of showers 46 degrees in new york and if you're going to be traveling up towards seattle, 51. 81 degrees in phoenix. state wide temperatures pleasant. sunshine from north to south. 54 in tahoe. starting out sunny.
4:42 pm
partly cloudy by afternoon. 73 in los angeles. if a mild one filtered sunshine, 59 in half moon bay. 68 oakland. low 70s in antioch. san jose, 69 degrees in morgan hill. inland areas coming up a couple degrees most of the coast and bay side communities almost identical to saturday so beautiful weekend ahead. no penalties by the way. >> you're accurate. no joking aside. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next more proof parents should get your children vaccinated against the flu. >> plus a bond disability one dog has that makes them an odd couple. >> i'm michael finney.
4:43 pm
time for taxes is your personal information safe if you file online? i'll have the answer coming up in
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we continue to follow breaking news in san jose. sky 7 live over the scene police goring yard to yard to search for a man who stabbed a woman to death this afternoon. this is happening near north first and heading streets just
4:46 pm
about 2:30. abc 7 news is live on the scene he'll have the latest for you on abc 7 news at 5:00 and you can get breaking news updates any time on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> checking healthy living news new numbers out for cdc and prevention. the cdc reports 105 children died this flu season, about 90% never receive aid shot or mist. doctors report about half of the american children got shots this year, experts recommend everyone over six months get a flu shot every year. >> people relie on guide dogs to help them get around. >> now, there happens to be a dog depending on another dog to be his eyes. take a look this, is isaac the husky. someone found anymore and a small terrier wandering together on monday. >> now, they're in need of a
4:47 pm
home. officials say two have an inseparable bond. >> it's remarkable how she's trying to be aware of where isaac is at. you know? if he's not right behind her she'll stop and wait for him to catch up with her, it's really funny. and... >> the pair had been scheduled to be euthanized but a group stepped forward to find someone who can give both isaac and isabella a home together. >> yes. cute couple. >> yes. >> michael finney is here now to answer questions sent to him. and our first one comes through facebook and matthew c asked if there say debt consolidation service that is real and will not rip me off? >> it's a very good question. first thing is they said they can get your mortgage forgiven that is illegal to do that now. so now, they've moved over to debt consolidations so be
4:48 pm
careful. i want to you think about consumer credit counseling. several offices around the bay area that are trust worthy. you can go in and show them your bills. another thing you can do is go to your bank and ask for a loan because that will be a cheaper rate than you're currently paying and discover right now is peddling a loan out there for 6%. if your bills are small and you're still employed put them under that loan. all of a sudden you can drop from 18% to 6%. that may be enough to help you out. >> carolyn wants to know i'm a senior and received a 1099 c. >> you were, i'm assuming that you had a home and lost it to foreclosure for potentially a short sae. you get one of these forms and the reason is
4:49 pm
that you owed 40,000s skpdz $20,000 is then considered income. you have to pay tax on it except for 2012. if it happened because of your home, have you to talk to a tax professional right away. you can end up in trouble. >> judith t asks what do you suggest? >> it's going to end up there anyway. i know if you fill out a form on paper and you send them in, to the government maybe they'll never end up on the web. if you use almost anyone else they're going to send it out. if you're dealing with a rip putable firm this is a drop of
4:50 pm
an association. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next the new effort to fill up empty store fronts in the south bay. it's not retailers looking to fill the vaik cans yeez. who is moving in. >> and coming up a vietnamese family separated now reunited by illness. big brother journey to the bay area. >> plus, one principal can now add crime fighter to his resume. how he
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4:53 pm
san jose retailers getting together. >> they're trying to fill empty store front was start ups in hope they become permanent. >> the event begins at 5:00. abc 7 news has the story tonight from downtown san jose. this store front today is
4:54 pm
nearly filled with people at work on their start ups. susan came from redwood city to meet others and share ideas. >> we don't have anything like this here. i thought i'd give it a shot. it's very cool. >> this space is part of the pilot program in exformt see what the city would be like. 20% of shops sit vaik yanlt. employees at mucho's love their block is being filled by this event even if the pop up stores are only temporary. >> the block is kind of little. empty. it seems like a ghost town. here on this side of downtown. not a lot of people and movement. >> the city councilman hopes to turn this event into an every day reality. >> we recognize the impact that filling a empty store front can have on a community. we get jobs and revenue but also, we get a safer feeling out on the streets. >> ricardo has a plan he says
4:55 pm
would help the city creative entrepreneurs get small business goesing. the city would eliminate permitting fees if landlord as agree to lease a space at a discounted rate. the city council vote ows on that in a few week autos we know momentum builds. and it will start to grow. >> the event runs from 5:00 until 8:00 tonight featuring food trucks and vendors selling their locally made. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 67 news begins right now. >> possible abduction in a school raises red flags over wlat school failed to do. >> i'm sandhya patel.
4:56 pm
sunny, mild weekend. we'll talk about the prospects of rain coming up. >> local principal ran a sprint to catch a campus ipad thief. >> and we have breaking news tonight. sky 7 is live in san jose. a yard to yard search is underway right now to find a man who stabbed a woman to death. >> good evening. that took place around 2:30 this afternoon near hall of justice and santa clara county jail. david louie joins us wlif more on the manhunt. david? across the street from the command post at second and heading. police are into the second hour of the yard to yard search looking for a man described as philippino.
4:57 pm
the stabbing happening here and a woman was stabbed there and later died becoming the 10th homicide of the year. police believe the suspect didn't get star so they sealed off an area between first and 4th streets. it's possible he may have other weapons in his position. police are cautious as they try to locate him. police do not know if the victim or suspect knew each other. the police have -- a lot of police officers because of the way they have to go through the yards they've brought in four police dogs so there is a perhaps able to lok yaim yailt him that way as well.
4:58 pm
breaking news now. skyline college has been evacuated after a package was nound a building seven. the campus has been evacuated including staff, students and faculty. officials say the package was found about 3:20 this afternoon, no reports right now of injuries and of course we'll stay on top of this for you at abc 7 >> concern and anger tonight for parents of a school where police say that a second grader was the victim of a possible abduction attempt. tonight the school is under scrutiny for failing to notify police. the little boy is fine. parents did learn about it from the school until last night. after that, the way it was
4:59 pm
delivered lack of detail and a promise to provide more information but not until next week. >> parents are concerned and confused about an incident earlier this week. >> earlier this week there was an incident where a second grade student went to the rest room during class time. the student was grabbed from behind and a hand placed over his mouth. the child was able to get loose. >> the parent found the message this morning. >> there is some detail to it. i'm a concerned parent. >> according to the call it happened near the end of the day, tuesday. a second grader went to the rest room during a class. police only learned about

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